"why didn’t you do your homework over the holidays?"


This is the best thing I’ve ever seen

“My Vampire Heart” by Tom McRae. A request by klarolinewasalwayscanon.




Doodle Duvet Cover

This duvet cover, featured at Not on the High Street, comes with its own pack of 8 wash-out doodle colour pens, so you can jot down late-night thoughts, draw a masterpiece, write a story or leave a message – then wash your duvet cover for a totally fresh start all over again!

Give it to me

So many dicks would be drawn,
it would be my dick bed.
It would be my way of making up for all the dick I don’t get.



"Bucky to me was always interesting because he stood out more clearly in terms of someone who had flaws. And though he was extremely loyal and very caretaking, and there were a lot of endearing qualities about him, there were other things that, like any muscle that you work out too much, could sort of take over the rest. So, there were other things about him I was always hoping you could see in that first movie that if they sort of amplified that, he could become something dangerous, necessarily so.”


Natarajasana, Dancer’s pose with a Mermaid Bind. Mini is in Supta Padangusthasana, Reclining Big Toe Pose.

_desolemere: Millions of girls would kill to be this close to Zayn Malik’s dick. But my boy @john_bahel does it daily #onedirection #gaydudes




i don’t even think he was joking


And in that moment Kol realized that the “always & forever” promise was a lie, no body was searching for him, no one even bother, he died and siblings forgot about him and their promise as well

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